Corporal Mark Donaldson Character Analysis

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“I'm a soldier, I'm trained to fight ... it's instinct and it's natural. I just saw him there, I went over and got him, that was it.” These are the words of Corporal Mark Donaldson, whom in 2009 was awarded the Victoria Cross, the ultimate symbol of heroism, for his gallant actions in dismal circumstances.

I have chosen to research the life of Mark and identify why he encapsulates an everyday hero. After being questioned about his courageous actions in September 2008, his humble nature and selflessness caught the hearts of the nation. His lifestyle reflects that of an everyday hero through his demonstration of gospel values and qualities.

An everyday hero is an average citizen who chooses to immerse himself in dangerous circumstances to protect those around him. Mark Donaldson explicitly encapsulates the
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It is said that a soldier never forgets the fear, the adrenalin and distress. It is said that they return to the battlefield every night in their dreams. But Mark chose to return to the fight while he could still make a difference. He ran right back into the thick of the fight for a fellow brother in arms. Just as an everyday hero should, he understands the value of brotherhood. It is this perseverance that makes Mark a true hero.

The years following the incident met Donaldson with glory from the masses, yet Mark still chose humility over pretention. To this day Mark continues to live with the same courage, faith, justice, love and service seen on the battlefield seven years ago.

Fittingly, Joshua 1:9 proclaims “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go." This extract, despite being written over 1500 years ago, still lives on through Mark’s life. On that battlefield, Mark demonstrated both courage and strength – qualities that only a true hero would
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