Corporate Branding From The 1960's Case Study

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CHANGE IN CORPORATE BRANDING FROM THE 1960s TO NOW! This papter will investigate the change in corporate branding from the 1960’s to now using the McDonalds Fast food corporation to demonstrate how branding strategies have changed over the last fifty years. It has be seen that throughout history, organisations have used visual devices to help people recognise them. Pilditch confirms that the use of symbolism has been growing over the last century and even though the idea is not new, the whole subject of corporate identity is attracting new interest throughtout industry.(Pilditch, 1970)(p1) Creating a logo is one of the top ten considerations when setting up a company. This was discussed in detail alongside protecting the Corporate Identity by Holland. (Holland, 2001) He belives that brand value consistancy makes communication clearer, ensures recognition, builds loyalty and brand equity. Olins belives that branding is unstoppable wherever it goes. Brand’s whether in business, the arts, charities or sport, have become a social and cultural phenomenon with the most extraordinary strength and power!. (Olins, 2004)(p11) Mc Donalds - How Did The identity Work? The first McDonald’s opened in 1940 and originally had no unique brand identity, in 1952 architect Stanley Meston designed their first franchised outlet. As Olins points out, although branding a nation is not the same as branding a company – McDonalds campaigns as we will see show that many techniques are similar.
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