Change In Corporate Branding From The 1960's: A Comparative Study

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This papter will investigate the change in corporate branding from the 1960’s to now using the McDonalds Fast food corporation to demonstrate how branding strategies have changed over the last fifty years. It has be seen that throughout history, organisations have used visual devices to help people recognise them. Pilditch confirms that the use of symbolism has been growing over the last century and even though the idea is not new, the whole subject of corporate identity is attracting new interest throughtout industry.(Pilditch, 1970)(p1) Creating a logo is one of the top ten considerations when setting up a company. This was discussed in detail alongside protecting the Corporate Identity
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This type of identical seriality evolved from mechanical reproduction – a concept close to the heart of early architectural modernists who thought that industry and planning could cure all society’s woes. Architecture might not be the answer to global poverty that early modernists like Le Corbusier hoped for, but it can help assure consumers they’ll be getting a consistent product, whether they’re purchasing it in Vermont or in Vietnam.’ (Stamp, 2013)

The idea of the architecture was used to create the idea of new eating habits in a new bright fun environment. The aim ‘to attract new customers through excitement and intrigue’. Even though a McDonalds brand identity wasn’t born until the1960’s, this first building certainly became a talking point. This in turn meant more and more new customers visited McDonalds to see what everone was talking about. When Ray Kroc purchased the business the corporate M was born as demonstrated in the logo
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Promotion of the healthy side of the fast food outlet product became a priority during this period. Fig 12: McDonalds 2003 I’m lovin’it Logo(Logopedia)

The above logo supported one of McDonalds successful advertising campaign in McDonald 's history. 'I 'm Lovin ' was created by Heye & Partner GmbH. 'I 'm Lovin ' It ' launched with an english version late in 2003 (Sagar, 2013) Fig 13: I’m lovin’ it ("I 'm lovin ' it.," 2011)

This advert is very short and to the point displaying a large version of the golden arches towards the end of the 4 second clip ("I 'm lovin ' it.," 2011). It simply shows 3 young men with their meals shouting ‘I’m lovin’ it! Very simple to the point advertsement integrating with everyday lifestyle situations. Fig 14: McDonalds 2006-present

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