Swot Analysis Of Lazy Sundaes

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3.0 Corporate Strategies 3.1 Corporate Image Strategy With a vision to bring extraordinary moments into ordinary days, Lazy Sundaes’ Corporate image will be centered around consistency, quality, and convenience. It is imperative that consumers conjure positive perceptions of Lazy Sundaes and its products when they are exposed to it. Building consistent marketing messages and superb user experiences must be at the core of all Lazy Sundaes corporate initiatives. Lazy Sundaes believes that ice cream sundaes are synonymous with relaxation and good times, so we want our strategy to reflect those beliefs. Once established, It is very difficult to change consumer perceptions. Lazy Sundaes has the advantage of being new to the market and void of the…show more content…
The application of ice cream sundaes is simple, they are to be eaten and enjoyed, however, that is not always the case. The focal point of Lazy Sundaes’ brand positioning will be the convenience. A parfait-styled packaging will give consumers more flexibility by allowing more time allocation to eat the sundae, without sacrificing the product’s quality. For example, instead of purchasing a sundae at a fast-food chain like Dairy Queen where one would consume it relatively soon for ideal satisfaction and taste, a Lazy Sundaes sundae could be easily stored in a freezer after purchase and be eaten the next day, or week, depending on the consumer’s intention. Whether one is extremely active or extremely busy, Lazy Sundaes offers a solution for a product that historically under satisfies if consumers save it for…show more content…
To create a business-to-business strategy of ideal magnitude, the Lazy Sundaes strategy will be directed at building and maintaining relationships with distributors. Especially in increasingly competitive markets, distributors are bombarded with sellers hoping to secure shelf space, but no other seller will put in the same amount of intensity into their business-to-business strategy at Lazy Sundaes. In terms of purchase type, Lazy Sundaes will be involved with new task purchases. In Lazy Sundaes’ efforts to get in as many stores as possible, they will provide the retailers with necessary information about their products so the retailers can make complex decisions easier 3.6 Public Relations Strategy Transparency will be at the forefront of our public relations strategy. Monitoring both the internal and external communication channels surrounding Lazy Sundaes, the public relations team will generate positive content and develop relationships. In the unfortunate instances where Lazy Sundaes and the consumers do not see eye to eye, the PR team will work with the customer as best as they can to settle the
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