Corporate Interior Design Case Study

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Looking Professional: Corporate Interior Design There is a profession suited for each individual in a society. It is dependent on one’s strengths and capabilities. These potentials are sought out by a person throughout his life. He explores many careers and once he has found his niche, he hones it with enthused passion until he succeeds in reaping his rewards for a job well done. Just as fervent as his efforts to unearth his purpose in life is his quest to find a working environment where he can fulfill his tasks dutifully and zealously. It is mentioned repeatedly in career orientations that once you step into an office for a job interview, you determine instinctively if you want to work for that particular firm or company and more importantly,…show more content…
This is the hub of the employees, a wide open space where individual work and collaboration happens. The layouts for a small office are usually open with minimal partitions, save for the occasional cubicles for higher ranking employees. For an office with more employees who require semi-privacy, there should be provisions made for low wall partitions or cubicles that separate the workspace of each employee or groups of employees working in teams. The different layouts could be effective as long as the utilities are accessible, traffic flow is smooth and there’s sufficient light and ventilation to make collaboration easy and…show more content…
An office desk with built-in shelves at the back and two chairs for the guest in the front is enough for a small office. For offices with wider areas, a sitting area with sofas, chairs and coffee tables can be placed before the main office. As more contemporary office furniture and materials become available in the market, decorating offices has also grown into a functional trend. Clear glass desks with sculpted legs are paired with ultra-modern swivel chairs. The use of bulky wooden shelves has been replaced by floating wood shelves and glossy cabinet surfaces made engineered wood and plastic veneers. Full-glass windows are covered with top-of-the-line blinds and roller shades. The walls are also modified to fit the sleek and exquisite look of the private office. Mirrors and full-length glass walls are made as partitions dividing the office to the general working area permitting the supervision and transparency of the professional relationships of the people in the

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