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It is an undeniable fact that even in this modernization era, women are still trying hard in proving the gender equality between men and women. Often times, women are left unnoticed simply due to the fact that of women being a woman and the hurdle in climbing the corporate ladder then comes into play. Many misconceptions are inherent regarding women such as gender specific jobs where some jobs are male specific, obligated to more family and personal commitments, emotionally unstable and lack strong leadership especially in management or leadership roles. The aim of this research proposal is to focus on a case study in Frost & Sullivan to examine what are the factors preventing women to climb the corporate ladder into managerial
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Studies have indicated that the numbers of female managers in most nations are increasing but the numbers of women in top management positions in large corporations remain depressingly low in most countries. This phenomenon of few women in top corporate positions is often ascribed to a discriminatory glass ceiling that prevents women from rising to high positions (Hymowitz & Schellhardt, 1986).

“The best leadership is found by choosing leaders from the largest pool of talent, and that includes women. Opening doors for women fosters equal opportunity and can help a society to allocate its human resource optimally. With excellence in leadership in short supply, no group, organization or nation should tolerate the losses that follow from unfairly restricting women’s access to leadership roles (Eagly & Carli, 2007, p11)

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The motivation of this study is to understand the reason for the hurdles being faced by women primarily in their organization and it this study will be conducted in Frost & Sullivan, a multinational firm in Iskandar, Malaysia. Frost & Sullivan is a multinational company which was founded in 1961 and has more than 45 global offices. They are world leader in market intelligence across various industries vertical and strategic growth consulting. The focus of the case study will be analyzed in the firm’s Asia Pacific hub in Iskandar which is a melting pot for

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