Corporate Matrix Structure Of Apple

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Strategy The strategy of Apple is to focus on its target customers (or market) that is a niche market. Structure Apple is a loose corporate matrix structure that fit the personalities of the people and the task of creating new products. Systems Apple recognizes their best employees. Apple has the “Apple Fellowship Program” awarding individuals who make extra ordinary technical or leadership contribution to personal computing. Superordinate Goals Apple was established in 1976 with the perfect vision and mission. Its vision was “to change the world through technology” and the mission was – to bring an easy to use computing to every man, woman and child. Today Apple is committed to bringing the best computing experience to every student, educator,…show more content…
While at first Apple’s closed ecosystem was a weakness for the business, this has now changed. First, Apple now has a full range of apps, software and products that are interlinked and support each other. Second, new products and supplements will be released soon (iTV), hence expanding the ecosystem. Third, Apple has a strong customer loyalty, which increases due to Apple’s closed ecosystem, which, in turn, is supported by customer loyalty. So the combination of Apple’s expanding closed ecosystem and customers’ loyalty increases firm’s competitive…show more content…
Apple’s financial performance is one of the best among many companies. Company currently (end of 2012) holds about $10,000,000,000 in cash, which can be used for acquisitions, buying back company shares and other matters. It also has higher gross profit margin than its main competitors, which is equal to 43.9%. Company has no debt and is not directly affected by interest rates or credit markets. • Brand reputation. Apple has a reputation of highly innovative, well designed, and well-functioning products and sound business performance. Apple brand is valued at $76.5 billion and was the second most valuable brand in the world in 2012. • Retail stores. Apple’s retail stores ensure high quality customer experience; provide direct contact with knowledgeable staff and increases brand awareness. Besides, Apple’s stores are one of the most profitable in terms of sales/ft2. • Strong marketing and advertising teams. Marketing is one of the strongest functional areas Apple has. It can sell pricier products, build superior stores (they are more or less built to achieve marketing goals) and advertise their products in a compelling manner.

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