Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Corporate social responsibility is the commitment of a company to the process of assessing an organizations impact on society and to behave ethically while contributing to economic development targeting customers, suppliers, environment, communities and employees.

For this project we questioned two food companies about their involvement in corporate social responsibility within their business. The first company we examined is called Kerry Foods; this is one of the largest, most innovative food companies which specialize in taste and nutrition systems and functional ingredients and actives for global food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Their consumer foods division, Kerry Foods, is a leading consumer foods
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It is clear that both companies are passionate about the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility and the main focus of both companies is to ensure that a positive contribution is made to both the environment and community around the location where the company operates. They both believe that their CSR can promote admiration for their company in the marketplace separating them from competitors and help meet future demands within their company.

2.4: How CSR improves business and helps meet future demands and challenges

How CSR improves business:

Kerry Group:
When it comes to a businesses reputation, it is sometimes believed that perceptions shape reality. Whether a food business is dealing with brand marketing and management or environmental sustainability, managing the experiences, impressions, beliefs, and feelings of customers and employees can often lead to the success or failure of the company. In the case of Kerry group it is clear that corporate social responsibility has contributed to the success of their business.

Corporate social responsibility has helped Kerry Group improve their business in many ways such as;

➢ It differentiates themselves from their competitors
➢ It wins new business
➢ Increases customer retention
➢ It also helps Kerry Group develop and enhance relationships with customers, employees,
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Large companies very high profile and in turn attract more media attention and believe greatly in protecting and enhancing their reputations with the broader public as well as key stakeholders. They are also often better-resourced and more able to invest in CSR.

Donnelly Fruit and Veg:

Those who practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) believe that it pays off for their business along with the stakeholders and society. Donnelly Fruit and Veg have and will continue to benefit from corporate social responsibility in the following ways:
• Employees stay longer; this reduces the cost of recruitment and retraining.
• Employees become more motivated and more productive with their work when they see that their work is benefiting others.
• CSR helps ensure Donnellys comply with specific regulatory requirements.
• CSR helps Donnellys create good relationships with the local authorities; this makes doing business easier.
• Understanding the impact of CSR to the business has helped Donnellys develop new products and
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