Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Microsoft

Microsoft is an American company in the IT world providing software and hardware products. The most famous Microsoft product is the Microsoft Windows computer operating system, which is used worldwide by companies in any size as well as personal computers.
In this essay I am going to introduce you in the Microsoft Corporation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.
CSR is a form of corporate self-regulation, which is integrated into a business model.
Using CSR’s mechanism, the business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the law, ethical standards and national or international norms.

Microsoft Corporation focuses on the most significant interests through its CSR initiatives, such as human rights, environmental sustainability, and business transparency. The following are the major stakeholder groups significant in Microsoft’s business, arranged according to the company’s prioritization in its corporate social responsibility strategy:
Customers (they have the highest priority)

The stakeholders with top priority in the company’s corporate social responsibility are their customers. Their main interests are reasonably priced effective products
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Microsoft’s accent on human rights, environmental sustainability and transparency ensure that this corporate responsibility strategy remains relevant to current market conditions. However, an issue typical in large global companies like Microsoft is the absence of rapid responses to individual customer complaints and inquiries. Having this in mind, a recommendation is that the company could invest in a larger support community to utilize knowledge sharing that can strengthen their CSR
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