Corporate Social Responsibility In Nike

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Definition of CSR and a description of what it is.
 Corporate Social Responsibility is a voluntary initiative taken by a company where they contribute to social, ethical , and environmental issues in society. Also known as “corporate citizenship”, CSR is a continuous commitment of a business to demonstrate ethical and economic activity that benefit the staff, the shareholders, the business, but most of all society. It is when a business takes of time money to make a difference in society. Whether it is to help a certain people or raise awareness for a cause, CSR is done in most businesses and it highly beneficial for the business in many ways. Reasons why a business should act in a socially responsible manner: It helps promote the company’s…show more content…
For the fact that the company participates in the preservation of buildings, demonstrates that helping others is among the business’s values. If a company goes outside to help and assist others, the needs of its employees are put into perspective first. CSR reassures the prospective employee and facilitates employee recruitment.

 What specific CSR tools do Nike use and its impact to different stakeholders. Nike is the world’s leading company in athletics. As society, the environment and life keeps changing, Nike’s main goal is to be able to adapt to changes going on. Basically continuously innovating and adjusting to needs and desires. It is highly depended on CSR to appeal to its consumers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and community. CSR majorly contributes to their success, superiority and helps deepen their bond with their customers. An important asset to Nike’s involvement in CSR is that they are in several diverse fields including: energy & climate, labor, chemistry, water, waste, and community. Climate& Energy:Climate change has become a drastic issue in modern society, as a result Nike has tried to reduce its impact on the climate and its energy…show more content…
Its about making a positive impact on society whether social, ethical or environmental. Having CSR helps a company promotes the name of the company and helps build its reputation. As the company becomes more and more known it easily attracts customers and prospective employees, making the company more profitable. As a survey has proved, the majority of people agree that companies should pay more attention to Environmental issues(61%) and contribute more to society(52%). That’s why many of today’s successful companies have incorporated CSR and made it a real part of their

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