Samsung Business Strategy

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Introduction / Past and present performance Multinational Corporations play an essential role is influencing the global economy and investments. One of such company is Samsung Electronics, which not only engages in manufacture, sales and maintenance service of electrical and electronic machines, but also involves in tertiary industries such as information technology and telecommunications. Despite being established in a vast range of businesses today, Samsung started off by producing black and white television sets for the local market in 1970. It then slowly moved into manufacturing other electronics devices namely semiconductors. Realizing the potential sales from international market, Samsung began to export its products causing diversity and growth to their business globally. Creating a global brand and image was critical to sustain and compete in the global market. Samsung became the official sponsor for the 1988 Olympics held in South Korea. This opened doors for Samsung to be recognised as a global brand. Today Samsung has sales networks and assembly plants in 80 countries with 370,000 employees worldwide. What Role Does the Business play in the Society The social and cultural aspect of a society varies between countries. These factors affect the demand and acceptable of a product. Samsung studies…show more content…
Samsung has created an online communication platform called ‘Samsung LiVe’ for its employees, in which memo can be posted on their personal live and internal issues. Members in the top management position will reply to some of this memo. Discussion on new products will also be conducted in this online platform where executives and senior managers take feedback from employees which results in increase production efficiency as well as better quality of products. This also enhances the communication and understanding of problem and internal issues of the
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