Corporate Social Responsibility In The Philippines Essay

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The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Philippines - What can be expected and what are the trends that would shape CSR in our country for the next ten years By MA. KRISTEL M. AQUINO

“Boosts, Encouragement, Improvement”
No matter an organization looks compacted, without a set of culture of ethics it may possibly crumble. For you to build a strong and trusted organization, you should establish and create connections.
In the Philippines, we are into high practices of Corporate Social Responsibility, which focuses on leadership, planning and funding, reporting and assessment. Since most of the Corporate Social Responsibility is philanthropy in general, there will be more of volunteers to engage in CSR. The public will be benefited
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Humans need a wide range of natural resources and mining continue to supply all the basic resources used by modern civilization. Mining firms are one important source of our country’s economic growth by creating jobs and money we get from mining may lead to improve health care access and better schools in remote and underprivileged societies. Our nations need coal, natural gas and uranium to energy. In the same way, oil is necessary for powering vehicles and the transportation industry.
The Philippines has its worth of billion mineral resources that if we cannot safeguard it from various mining industries that are being developed in our country, it will have a disastrous effect and would likely to cause massive long-term environmental damages and social

problems. One major concern is the large-scale mining industries that are highly destructive. The negative impact is that they even disregard the right for a clean environment that won’t affect the life, especially in health matters of our Filipino people. Are we going to sacrifice the quality of our Filipino people lives and even the sustainability of the

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