Corporate Strategy And Parenting Theory: Case Study

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Today's business environment is characterized by increasing competition, liberalization and globalization (Alimi & Atanda, 2011). The organization corporate strategy play essential rule in adding value to the activities or destroy the value. Certain contemporary issues like learning organization, innovation, knowledge and quality management are strong forces affecting management practices (Bateman & Snell, 2013).
Question 1: The analysis of nine proposition of Corporate Strategy and Parenting Theory in which corporate parent can add or not destroy value will be discussed.
The corporate parent refers to the levels of management above that of the business units (Johnson, et; al. 2011), and therefore without direct interaction
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The company in the year 2013 also launched facebook page as a platform where customers can ask questions, give suggestions and openly express opinions. The company has implemented some of the suggestions given via this forum regard provided such medical equipments.
Procurement: This involves procuring the diagnostic solutions for clinical laboratories in the field of microbiology, clinical chemistry, and food industry etc. The company agents travel to US, Europe and India for the procurement of high medical equipments and medicines to its customers.

Recommendation: Current strategy gaps and recommendations for future development.
Customer service is very important for both the business and the customers continued relationship. Today, every time a customer encounters an issue regarding a product or service, or any concerns about warranty, sales or repair, online customer service becoming the most effective and efficient way for customer service for many companies because its less costly and better for customer service (Bard,
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Adding new department responsible for transportation and maintenance.

Al Hashar Pharmacy LLC responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace protect the workers from injury and illness on the job. Protecting workers lead to good business sense. Accidents and injuries are more expensive than many realize (Perry, 2008), the company need to increase the safety staff members.

The company has two warehouse located in the heart of city Muscat and other two in Sohar and Shalala. It will be better if company expand the business by adding two new warehouses in Ad Dakhiliyah region and in Al Wusta. Omanization is a process of replacing expatriates working in Oman with qualified trained Omani, to achieve specific demographic and economic objective. Omanization level needed from the private health care business to achieve is 50% (www. Ministry of Manpower) the Al Hashar Pharmacy now achieve 35%only.

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