Correcting Student Misconceptions

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When I was a child, I thought that if I stayed on my feet for a long time I would be taller than the others. I recall my mom telling me to sit all the time, but I never I asked her “Why wasn’t I getting taller?” It was not until I started kindergarten that the teacher had to tell me to sit and I refused to do so. She approached me to ask the reason why I was not listening to her, and I told her that if I sat down, I would not be able to grow taller. She smiled and said to me that standing for long periods of time would not help me grow taller. She explained the body needs sleep, the right foods, and exercise to grow. She utilized age-appropriate vocabulary words that I could understand. (Sorry but I do not remember anything else that happened). After that learning experience, I became curious to obtain more knowledge on what the body needs to grow.…show more content…
I also consider she was able to instill respect, confidence, and trust because I always kept on asking questions in her class. Indeed, when teachers are there for their students, it makes the process of learning content much
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