Correctional Supervision Essay

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What is the purpose of corrections? Briefly describe different types of correctional supervision. The many facets of the correctional system are all centralized towards one goal that is to carry out the criminal sentence that has been given to the offender. Corrections is defined as any action apply to offenders after they have been convicted and implies that the action is corrective, or meant to change the offenders according to society's needs. It is also stated that corrections have been placed on those individuals that have not been convicted of a crime they have been merely accused. Offense, guilt, and punishment are the three basic concepts of Western criminal law. It is upon these basic concepts that conduct is deemed criminal. As stated…show more content…
There have been many advances in the methods of detailing and punishing those individuals throughout history who hand found themselves deviating from society norms. Criminals are punished for the acts that they carry out on citizens, property they damage, and many other deviate acts they engage in across America. Supervision of criminals, along with prolonged rehabilitation has always been the major stepping stone for integrating criminals back into society. Correctional supervision has allowed criminals with minor and some major crime convictions to forgo incarceration for a form of corrections that is less structured than that of a penal system or correctional facility. There are many different types of correctional supervision that a criminal can be ordered to participate in and complete before completing many rehabilitation programs. The type, length, and rehabilitation requirements are based on the severity of a criminal’s offense. Probation offices, halfway houses, and prisons, all have different aspects of the interdependent subcultures that make up Correction supervision. Probation offices are usually government-funded businesses that allow criminals
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