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Corrie Ten Boom was a woman unlike any other. Through the trials of the Holocaust she stood up for what she believed in and for that she was rewarded. She was put in the worst conditions possible but because of her faith, she stayed strong and was able to tell her story to many. Though I did not personally know her, I have read her book, The Hiding Place, many times. Every time I read it, I discover more about who she was in God. She started off as an insecure woman. Her heart was worn from heartbreak from the lack of reciprocated love and the insecurities that haunted her every day. She was a woman of God but that did not mean her life would be easy. It was quite the opposite. She grew up with a family that had a heart for others. Her mom took care of anyone that needed it and was known for her generosity. Corrie’s father, Casper, was known for his kindness and his excellent craftsmanship when it came to clock repair. At one point a minister brought a newborn Jewish baby to the Ten Boom household and was trying to hand off the newborn child to someone else in…show more content…
They had a room with well over one hundred women. They had moldy, pine straw for bedding, thin and practically non-existent blankets, and worst of all, fleas. There were fleas everywhere. Corrie became angry with God one day, asking Him why there had to be fleas. She wanted to know why He could not just take them away. Betsie reminded Corrie that even the fleas could be blessings. Shortly after, Corrie and Betsie found out that the fleas were indeed a blessing. The fleas kept the guards from coming inside the living quarters and because of that, the sisters were able to share the gospel with everyone within the living quarters. God’s faithfulness continued to be evident when one drop of vitamins came from the empty bottle every time. Though Corrie had trials and questioned God’s logic, she held true to what she believed

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