Corrie Ten Boom

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“When He tells us to love our enemies, He gives, along with the command to love itself.” (Corrie Ten Boom). Corrie Ten Boom was a Christian and was born in Haarlem, Netherlands and she helped lots of people and was a very nice person. During WWII she used her house and to hide Jews from the Gestapo (Corrie Ten Boom). Her family owned a watch store which she used as cover when she held the Jews in her house. Corrie Ten Boom had major obstacles in her life that she eventually conquered with the will of god and his guidance. Correi Ten Boom worked in a watch shop most of her life(Boom, Corrie Ten). One night she woke to find there air force base was being shelled(Boom, Corrie Ten). In the morning they found the Germans took over their city of Haarlem with a way of waging war called Blitzkrieg or “Lightning War”. The germans used this way to quickly take over surrounding countries and make them help the Germans in their war. Most people did not take kind to the Germans while others…show more content…
In the end she helped many people find help in the lord and thought his was to the people in the camp. When the war ended she was the only survivor of her family and moved back into Haarlem. She started a Rehabilitation center for Concentration Camp survivors but the christian in her blood let her help people that followed and helped the Germans and supported the Third Reich Corrie Ten Boom). She also made a world wide ministry that took her to 60 countries and she was even knighted by the Queen of the Netherlands (Corrie Ten Boom). In 1977 she moved to Placentia, California but the next year she suffered a series of strokes that left her paralyzed and unable to speak (Corrie Ten Boom). She died on her 91st birthday which also invoked a new Jewish tradition. Corrie Ten Boom was a major help in WWII. She made it through so many challenges and help even more get back on their feet after the war
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