Corrosion Literature Review

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A Review on Environmentally-safe Corrosion deterrence of Metals in Various Media
R. Vasantha jothi 1; R.Saratha1; S.V.Priya 2*
1- Department of Chemistry, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women University, Coimbatore – 43, Tamil Nadu, India
2 - Department of Chemistry, Centre for Environmental Research, Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu, India
*- Corresponding Author
The present review gives a brief application of environmentally – safe corrosion inhibitors for various metals like aluminum, copper, mild steel, and zinc. Due to the enormous increase of industrial activities, a large amount of mineral acids are consumed. Therefore more number of metals gets corroded. These
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HCl Artemisia pallens Tetrahydrofuran, Davanone, Linalool, Ethylcinnamate,
Sesquiterpenoids, Terpenoids, Artemone Weight loss,
Polarization - 4 N HCl,
Weight-loss, SEM & FTIR-Conc. HCl IE-93% at 1.5 g/L in 4 N HCl
IE-96.5% at 40 g/L in Conc. HCl 26

Conc 0.1-1.5 g/l Temp 30 ± 1 oC
27 Mild steel/1 M HCl Aquilaria crassna
Leaves extracts crude extract(ME) and Aqueous Extract(AE) Saponins(higher presence), Flavanoids & Tannins(moderate presence),
Alkaloids &
Triterpenoids(Week presence) Weight loss,
polarization, EIS,
XPS SEM,FTIR Max IE at 300 ppm for ME
80.28% (Weight loss),
66%(EIS) ,
67% (Potentiodynamic Polarization) and Max IE at 60 ppm for AE 69.98 % (weight loss), 60% (Potentiodynamic

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