Corrosion Resistance Reflection

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CADHODIC REACTION ANALYSIS OF SALT CORROSION RESISTANCE AND CONTROL SYSTEM: A Review S.TAMILSELVAN1, A.D.LATHA 2. Student, Mechanical engineering, Nandha Engineering College, Erode, India 1 Assistant Professor, Mechanical engineering, Nandha Engineering College, Erode, India 2 Abstract: The paper reviews the literature that may assist salt water corrosion resistance. So that can potentially replace the special marine time application, corrosion is defined as the deterioration of the material usually a metal, because of with its environment. The literature reviewed includes traditional corrosion research such as surveys and historical analysis of buried pipelines, ship base, and marine time applications and laboratory studies aim in corrosion resistance exposures. The adding 1wt. % Fluor apatite nanoparticles improve the compressive of the amalgam and it has no effect on corrosion resistance. Keywords: Pigment, coating, anticorrosion, spinel, zinc ferrite, paints. INTRODUCTION All of the synthesized pigments have good anticorrosion efficiency in an epoxy and in a styrene acrylate coating. Compared with a commercially used anticorrosion pigment, their protective power in coatings is demonstrably stronger [1]. In some cases additional surgery is required to remove the implant after the tissue has sufficiently healed [2]. The anticorrosion pigments working on a chemical Principle is soluble to a certain extent and their ions are capable of interacting, with its

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