Corrow And Death In Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven

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When sadness overcomes people, they often devote themself to literature to focus on another world. Helping them to get over their own sorrow, they read poems such as “The Raven”. Those poems are very popular and loved for such a long time. The reason for that is that people read it and the poem makes them feel something, it makes them think or it helps them in a hard time. One example for that is “The Raven”. The poem is written by Edgar Allen Poe and focuses on grief, sorrow and death. The main character suffers from sadness and depression due to the loss of his beloved Lenore. At one night, while he distracts himself of his sorrow, he believes he hears someone tapping on his chamber door and is left confused when he does not see anyone at…show more content…
Comparing to that, the raven represents the opposite. In Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” it stands for the dark, dreariness of death. Hell is the raven’s home and his presence is associated with the Titan god of battle and warcraft. Also, as soon as he arrives at the narrator’s house everything good ends or dies. The main character lost all his hope to ever find his answers to the questions about his beloved Lenore and her well being and he lost his soul and life to the black bird’s shadow. The raven brought fear, anger, grief, sorrow and hopelessness in the protagonist’s life until the main character lost the battle to him and dies. In consequence, the raven represents death. Death is a dark topic that can make people really uncomfortable, but Poe still uses it in “the Raven”. Instead of being uncomfortable, his great poem is still read and loved by many. It does not die but fascinates his reader and gives them a chance to escape their own world for a while and feel with the main character. It even helps some to get over their own sorrow or grief and offers help in hard time. So even though writer Edgar Allen Poe wrote about something that is challenging or even provocative to some people, his poem “The Raven” is famous, loved and
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