Corruption And Anti Corruption

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E-GOVERNMENT and ANTI-CORRUPTION Corruption In this part of research paper, there is information about corruption in many terms. Corruption varies in different conditions such as actors, time, sectors, resources, materials, places...etc. There are many effects possible to cause corruption and many harmful consequences possible in both society and economy. Although the corruption generally come with illegality, it is possible with legal ways by political patronage and nepotism. Definition of corruption depends local variables for instance laws and culture of that area change the perception and definition of corruption. Their definitions are not only changed by local but also international organizations has different definitions of corruption. Firstly the oxford dictionary definition is “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery”. World Bank define the corruption in wider sense as “abuse of public or private office for personal gain”. In addition to these definitions in Turkey there some definition of corruption by state institutions, however it is still controversial issue in Turkey. So corruption can easily understand in four steps/pieces; first one is a person who authorized and second is restrictive and regulatory laws about decision making and power. The third one is violations of these laws by authorized person and last one is consequences of violation; a group of people tale advantage but common wealth was negatively affected. If

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