Corruption And Fraud In South Africa

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Corruption and fraud in the community and workplace in South Africa is a critical concern that needs to be handled with justice. Corruption and Fraud opposed the growth motion of a community and needs to be dealt with correctly in our society of today to develop furthermore. An accurate description of Corruption would be defined as the dishonesty or illegal behavior. It is the misuse of responsibility given to someone or a group for private gain. As for Fraud, an accurate description would be defined as criminal deception intended to gain money or personal advantage. It is the unlawful and intentional making of a misrepresentation. Retrospectively corruption and fraud events are both extremely criminal to the society we live in South Africa. Corruption and Fraud both have connotations to negative characteristics such as criminal, illegal, dishonest, unlawful, unfaithful, and immoral. This is a serious allegation with growth rates with businesses and companies that work with people that have an incorrect mindset relating to corruption and fraud. There has been many examples relating to corruption such as bribes to award a contract for a job or deals, favoritism in a community or workplace, nepotism, hiring a public officials unqualified relative to get a contract, using money that isn’t yours for personal gain linking back to what fraud is, price manipulation of products to gain extra wealth, selling products that aren’t genuine but said to be, racketeering conspiracy,

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