Corruption Control In Nepal

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Politics for Good Governance and Corruption Control in Nepal

Krishna Kumar Tamang
Department of Public Administration, Singhania University (Raj).

Nepal has long made efforts in developing the country with all its social, economic policies and its enormous resources and huge potentialities. Corruption and poor governance of transition period are the main constraints against development. Bordering country India has certainly positive roles for Nepal and governments of both the sides have emphasized efforts at different levels. Borders are contradictory zones of cultures and power of bordering countries where monopoly of decentralization and homogenization are none (Wilson, 1998). The most prominent problem due to open and uncontrolled
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Generally politics for good governance and corruption control tools are used mains of transmitting information the study is based on primary data, secondary data and data collection.

Relation of Politics for Good Governance and Corruption Control
The vertical working structure seems to have in keen relationship with national politics. The smugglers and traffickers have got political patronage and protection in most of the cases. Similarly, reputed business houses and business icons have close linkage and bosom relation with political parties. The political parties get financial back up of the trading people. In turn, the government policies and their execution are lax and liberal. The smugglers and traffickers hardly ever get punished due to the undue political pressure on law enforcing agencies. Thus politics can be said to have dual attributes for and against good governance and control of
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Media news and report expose unchecked corruption and misuse of resources in Village Development Corporation (VDC) and District Development Corporation (DDC) in illicit close nexus with government officers and local politicians. Every countryman ought to support the commitment of the government to fight and defeat the vices of corruption and mal-governance. Simply formal pronouncement driven by sentiments merely cannot improve the situation. The most sought and desired is the improvement in the overall governance system of the country where political leaders stay aside of the corrupt practices and behaviors. Political corruption has main responsibility for abetting the misuse of power in bureaucracy and the concerned sectors. Once political parties and leaders refrain from abusing power, there shell be multiplier effect in improving the governance profile of the country. On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day prime minister of Nepal admitted corruption being pervasive in Nepal for the involvement of political parties and high officers in graft though the government has a policy of zero tolerance against corruption. He emphasized on making anti-corruption law more stringent (,

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