Corruption Control Measures

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Corruption brings together the private search for economic gain with the government’s effort to supply public goods, correct market failures and aid the needy (Rose-Ackermann, 2013). Corruption has become an issue of major economic and political significance in many countries across the globe, including a number of developed Western States (Robinson, 1998), and with all its many faces and variations, it has become so hard to define it completely. According to Rose-Ackermann and Palifka (2016), corruption has many connotations and interpretations, varying by time and place, as well as discipline. For this study, corruption is defined as the abuse of public power for private gain (Rose-Ackermann&
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The concept of anti-corruption control measures is important, but the implementation becomes more important. Anti-corruption control measures serve a very crucial purpose of raising public awareness and an environment where anti-corruption laws could be effectively implemented. All this could help bring about a system of transparency by giving free access to records and information on local government activities such as procurement processes, and even protect whistle blowers when they report corruption to the authority, something that would have an impact on corruption. The impacts of corruption on the communities that government departments and local government are supposed to be servicing would lead to human suffering, stifling of investment and economic growth, it would also destroy public and business trust in government, as corrupt governments and societies become very inefficient in service delivery. The services such as health, education, law, and transportation are likely to be affected if the problem of corruption persists. Through patronage and deployment of comrades in important positions, which might often end up affecting qualified individuals not accessing job opportunities and impacting on their socioeconomic status and in the process depriving society of the best knowledge and skill of the most qualified to serve in government. Less qualified people and decisions made because of bribes and other forms of corruption will lead to mismanagement and suboptimal public procurement

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