Corruption Depicted In Deborah Moggach's Unwind

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When a country goes under corruption, it’s citizens changes in way people would not consider usual today. Outside forces decide whether people live or die, and a system such as that would not consistently make everyone happy. Being under such little control causes oppression towards certain groups, and eventually, they become social outcasts or are even hunted down. In “The Diary of Anne Frank” by Deborah Moggach and Unwind by Neal Shusterman, isolation, and separation cause changes in individuals.

In Unwind, children between ages thirteen and eighteen can have their parents sign an order to be unwound; a process in which their body is disassembled. The story features three runaways who were scheduled for this and now must escape the system.
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However, he eventually threatens a couple with a shovel and starts screaming at them, even with two policemen pointing their guns at him. At the end, he almost performs suicide terrorism. We can tell from this he has turned from passive-aggressive to downright violent.

Similarly, Anne Frank started off as a bouncy, energetic girl at the start of her diary. She begins to believe everyone is critical of her as the journal goes on, and talks about politics in a more professional manner. Her entries grow in maturity as she does, and digs deeper through her feelings and relationships with other people. She grows an understanding of her mother and father, as well as other people. This tells us her confinement forced her to gain a deeper understanding and empathy of things.

When stuck in a crate with three others for several hours, Conner went on to question both the system as well as the meaning of a soul. The four continuously asked questions that would be redeemed uncomfortable given any other situation, such as what happens when you die and what happens to your soul. This suggests that isolation has led them to think about things they would avoid, as the book also states no one ever asks these certain

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