Corruption In Assata Shakur's Speech To My People

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Zarina Gafurova Mrs.Campbell English 1020 6 October 2017 As a former member of the Black Liberation Army, Assata Shakur was committed in the fight for civil rights in America during a time of discrimination. Convicted of first-degree murder in 1977 and forced to take asylum in Cuba, Shakur expressed the anger and frustration she had with the level of hypocrisy present in the American government in her 1973 speech To My People. Shakur's ability to appeal to African Americans stems from her skilled use of logos, allusion, and metaphor, which helps to further her arguments on the corruption in America In order to draw attention to this corruption, a method Shakur uses is logos in her speech. Shakur explains to her audience that it is not them…show more content…
Shakur describes that African Americans are a product of their environment and that they “are being manufactured in droves in the ghetto streets.” Assata Shakur uses metaphor to compare African Americans to being a product of a factory where they are designed a certain way. When she illustrates this idea of simply being a product, her audience can recognize the distance between them and the government. Assata Shakur suggests they “ create shields that protect us and spears that penetrate our enemies.” Shakur warns African Americans that they need to protect themselves from the corruption and injustice ways of the American
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