Corruption In Criminal Justice Essay

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Introduction There are many ethical dilemmas in the criminal justice field. One ethical issue that the criminal justice field faces is corruption. Corruption is using one’s office for improper gain (Pollock.) and it’s also a behavior which deviates from the formal duties of a public role (Vargas-Hernández). Corruption is hard to expose, but there are many forms of corruption. Some forms of corruption are: gratuities, professional courtesy, alcohol and drug use while one is on duty, Graft, sexual misconduct. Those are just few types of corruption that the system face every day. Corruption can be carried out by anyone in the Criminal Justice field; it’s not just limited to officers, but judges, court officials, and lawyers can also be corrupt. It is hard for a worker to ignore the temptation of corruption because they are underpaid, overworked, and little recognition for their hard work. Why is…show more content…
Corruptions can be classified into two different categories: passive and active. Passive corruptions is where a criminal justice agent takes bribes or gratuities or anything in that nature (Pollock, J). Active corruptions is where you physically take something from a crime scene or engage in more deviant behaviors (Pollock, J.). Corruption can be also be classified as political, economic, and public administrative corruption. Probably the two most corruption in the field would be economic and political. Economic corruption is where you sacrifice of the principal's interest for the agent's interest (Vargas-Hernandez). This is where you are making a profit for your personal interest. Political corruption is where an agent abuse their power. Under these categories the forms of corruption is sexual misconduct, professional courtesy, gratuities and grafts. The last way to classify corruption is public administrative. Public administrative is where neglect the principles of efficiency, truthfulness, and
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