Corruption In Hamlet

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The theme of corruption throughout the play, Hamlet, starts at the head, and then drips down into the body in the same way that a crooked government eventually leads to ruins its citizens lives. The unwholesome and immoral leadership in Honduras, lead to the citizens not succeeding or thriving in their communities. The citizens of Honduras are in a constant state of confusion and panic, because of the unjust head of the Honduran government. The entirety of the country is consequently failing. In this same way, because of Old King Hamlet's death, Gertrude's remarriage, and Polonius's murder, the children in the play experience great madness and confusion. Corruption at the head of an organization will lead to negative effects throughout the entire…show more content…
The way that Gertrude acted, lead to pain and trust issues when it came to other women in Hamlet’s life. “Frailty thy name is woman” (I.ii,146) is how Hamlet states his feelings towards females in his first soliloquy. Not only does Hamlet blame his mother for doing damage in his life, but he goes further to blame all women for not being as strong as men just because of Gertrude’s acts. “The mother's confusing relationship to the father is the cause of the ambiguity and confusion” (Brewer). The sole cause of Hamlet's confusion and chaotic behavior can be traced back to the death of his father and the remarriage of his mother. These are just a few of the examples that show how hamlets real feelings towards his mother and uncle and his dramatic expressions are being confused because he cannot distinguish between his real state of mind and his emotions (Sadowski). Because of the pollution at the head of Hamlet’s family, he is forced to feel the overbearing
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