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Corruption is a disease that over time rots the human way of thinking. In Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet, Prince Hamlet finds out about his father’s murder, causing him to go insane and wanting to seek revenge. His new motive in life is to seek revenge, which ends up corrupting him and everyone around him. In Hamlet, Shakespeare discusses the idea of corruption in order to show how it can contaminate a person’s heart and way of life.
Hamlet faces many dilemmas throughout the novel, in one scene he even debates whether it is even worth it to live anymore: “ To be or not to be—that is the question:/ Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer/ The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,/ Or take arms against a sea of trouble” (3.1.64-67). He
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It is a disease that contaminates the heart and way of life. Once a person becomes corrupt, everything goes downhill. Hamlet was published in 1603, but still our world still remains corrupt. The world we live in is a greedy world, hungry for power just like King Claudius. We want everything and will do everything to acquire it, even if we have to take extreme measures. We also go through rough times, where we just ask ourselves if it is even worth living in this society, just like Prince Hamlet. This society is crumbling slowly overtime, people are killing each other for money, people are dying from lack of food and water, but we never do anything. We all just pretend that we did not see it or that we do not know them, so why should we help them? This is corruption, media has formed us into selfish human beings. We all know that they never tell the whole story, but we are a society that depends on others to tell us. If we stop depending on others and actually go find out about what is happening around the world, then war and poverty would end. The media has corrupted our way of life, and corrupted our heart by making us not feel sympathy. We all need to take a stand because corruption can make all of us insane, giving us an ending like Shakespeare’s play,

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