Corruption In Juan Rulfo's Novel Pedro Páramo

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Juan Rulfo’s novel Pedro Páramo revolves around the life of Pedro Páramo. Juan Preciado goes to Comala to fulfill his mother’s dying wish by finding his father Pedro Páramo . When he arrives in Comala he does not find Comala as the lush, lively town town his mother talked of but a desolate town filled with ghosts. The ghosts tell him the story of Pedro Páramo life and of Comala’s past. The character of Pedro Páramo reveals that corruption is contagious. Pedro Páramo becomes the authority in Comala through the land. Aldrete interferes with Pedro’s control of the land by putting up fences. Pedro orders Fulgor “ go over to see Aldrete. Tell him to check his fences. He’s on Media Luna land.” Fulgor answers, “He did a good job measuring the boundary lines. I can vouch for that.” Pedro responds saying “Well, tell him he made a mistake. That he didn’t figure right. If necessary, tear down the fences”(40). Pedro wants Aldrete to remove his fence from land that is not even his and orders Fulgor to tear the fences down if Aldrete does not comply. Pedro is willing to use force to acquire land that does not rightfully belong to him. In pursuit of more land, Pedro disregards the facts.. Later in conversation, Fulgor questions the legality of the actions Pedro demands. Pedro responds saying, “What law, Fulgor? From now on, we’re the law”(40). Pedro does not care about what the law says since his new authority makes him the law. The law outlines what is acceptable and unacceptable
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