Corruption In Julius Caesar Essay

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Ambition, Power, and Corruption The play Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, has many themes. The themes, or life lessons, that most relate to the world today are ambition, power, and corruption. These motifs relate to politics and politicians today. Does giving politicians power make them ambitious for more power? Are politicians power hungry? Is the system of politics or are the politicians corrupt? These are the most frequently asked questions that make the public and society curious about politics. The questions can be linked to the themes of power, corruption, and ambition in Rome in the play Julius Caesar.Giving a politician more power does make them ambitious for more power politicians are power hungry, and both the system…show more content…
The citizens do not know if the politician that wins the race will use the power they received to the best interest of the nation or country. Shakespeare deals with political power in his play by showing that just like in politics today there is a leader, or the president, who associates themselves with the conspirators, or congress, to make the laws of the nation, or country. Also, that a party that they are associated with can also cause the leader, or president, to lose their power and even their life, because their associate want their power. Grassley argued that "no one -- not even the President -- is above the law," and asked Gorsuch if it would be problematic for him to decide against the President."That's a softball, Mr. Chairman," Gorsuch responded. "I have no difficulty ruling against or for any party other than based on what the law and the facts in the particular case require." This quote describes that a leader of a country can not even be above the law. It shows that the leader can be ambitious for more power but will never get it because no one can be above the law. Political ambition relates to Julius Caesar because Brutus and Cassius have ambition for more power, they get that power by stabbing Caesar, who was said to be ambitious by the by Brutus Cassius and the other
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