Corruption In King Richard III

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Based off of the text, Richard III is a corrupt (or even evil) and manipulative type of character. One can consider him corrupt due to the fact that he is "determinèd to prove a villain". Since he decides to be a villain if he cannot get a lover (or in general, love), one is led to believe that once he is a villain, he will be loved and respected by others. Yet those actions will most likely be out of fear and hatred. Without a doubt, Richard III as much manipulative as he is the Duke of Gloucester. Based off of the text, he seems determined to pit his brothers against one another, even if it means one will be slain. As a result, one brother takes drastic measures to ensure his safety before anything life-threatening even occurs. In that situation, one can presume that although it is taking precaution for his life, it is a bit premature since nothing has happened. However, this makes Richard III's plotting to be a success.…show more content…
He is corrupt because he wants to be a villain. He is manipulative because he sets his brothers against one another. As a result, one can conclude that Richard III is an evil and terrible person based off of the given reasons

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