Corruption In Kurt Vonnegut's Literature

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Imagine writing a piece of literature with the best intentions, just to have someone else destroy it out of spite. An act similar to this is considered disrespectful and could discourage most to reside from sharing their ideas with society again to prevent further humility. Kurt Vonnegut was a victim to this subjection. After Charles McCarthy, head of the school board at Drake High School, thought it was too corrupt for the education agenda provided to student's, Vonnegut's books were burned in a furnace. Taking this into consideration, Vonnegut responded to this denunciation by writing a letter containing uses of pathos to decry McCarthy’s actions towards his books. Throughout Vonnegut's letter he expresses, “ I am very real.”(01) this use of repetition help Vonnegut get…show more content…
Sometimes the most effective way to combat hate is to give someone a taste of their own medicine. After the book burning offense, Vonnegut's insults McCarthy's actions by contrasting them to standard “American values”. This reveals how how un american it was a born american to commit this act, and this leads McCarthy to believe that he is at fault. Moreover, bringing up the “American value” convinces him to feel regret for disrespecting Vonnegut and the “American pride”. This guilt damages his judgement of himself and for the sake of others. To conclude the techniques written in the letter, Vonnegut just wanted to be respected like any other writer. He is a very real person who has feelings and understands the education that should be given to students. As a writer, he is not making an attempt to steal money and poison the minds of young adults. He wanted to broaden their minds with new ideas and teach them to look for a kinder world, unlike how Drake interpreted it. Vonnegut used this advantage of pathos to denounce McCarthy's cruel gesturing towards his book to convince him consider his
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