Corruption In Public Organization In Malaysia

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Corruption is one of the serious problems of public organizations in Malaysia. In this paper, we try to figure out of the origin of corruption in public organizations and suggest the way to solve this problem. We figure out that hierarchical system in organization is a reason why corruption is easy to happen in public organization. Moreover, we suggest that external control is the best way to observe and prevent the issue of corruption in public organizations.
Keywords: corruption, hierarchy, external control

Fighting corruption in Malaysia
The issue of corruption is widespread in Malaysia society. Even public organizations are not a clean zone. Most public organization in Malaysia have been encountered this problem.
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Yusop is a signatory which was given the contract to manage the project of CIQ complex and JB Sentral at Bukit Chagar, to appoint YBA Technology Sdn Bhd is owned by Rahim's brother as sub-contractor for the latter…show more content…
Through two issues which related with corruption, we talk about the vertical specialization which has possibility to be a reason of corruption and the importance of external control to solve this problem.
In conclusion, the issue of indelible ink is one of the examples which clearly show the strong relationship between the EC and the ruling union and it is a clue of corruption of the EC. The biggest reason corruption is hierarchy authority. So, leadership is a key factor to solve this problem. To control the EC’s leadership, external control, such as an ombudsman, is needed. The way of external control must have the independence to control the EC’s case effectively.
The issue of corruption in public procurement is evident that the hierarchy authority and lack of transparency are the biggest reason on the issue. Public participation as is an essential variable to control the behavior of public officials and also to fight against corruption. The law enforcement and public participation should be run together for fighting corruption

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