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The novel Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, written by Mildred D. Taylor, is based on the time after the Civil War. Although slavery was officially abolished, the book’s setting is a town with a lot of racial tension between the black and white people. Most of the white characters are corrupt, but there are a few white characters who are respectful to everyone regardless of their skin color. These non-corrupt characters encountered many problems among the other white characters, and are even untrusted by the black characters.
While many white characters were ill-hearted, there were a couple characters who treated the black families fairly. Jeremy Simms is an obvious, non-corrupt, white character. Throughout the novel, Jeremy makes heartful attempts
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Because Mr. Jamison and Jeremy Simms respect all black people, they are untrusted and disdained by others. As for the white men who are corrupt and racist, they are held in high regard. For example, Mr. Granger is a wealthy, white man who is respected by all other white families yet, he doesn’t care care about the well being of the black men and women at all. Near the end of the book when Mr. Granger was asked about what to do with T.J., he handed the job away. “Hank, you take care of this.” (Taylor 271). Harlem Granger obviously didn't care about what would happen to T.J., he thought of the occurrence as a nuisance instead of a problem that needed to be addressed. The Wallaces were also respected by other white characters, but they expected to be feared by the black families. At the beginning of the book, Cassie introduced the Berrys’ burning that was issued by the Wallaces. For the rest of the novel there was a n obvious fear instilled in the black characters. “Then them Wallaces, they come by my place…” (Taylor 204). This is stated by T.J.’s father, Mr. Avery, regarding the shopping in Vicksburg. All black families are expected to fear the Wallaces. The Wallaces admission recurring events that implanted fear into the black houses in order to maintain power in their small
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