Role Of Corruption In Russia

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Russia embodies the classic example of a country in which the perfidious actions of its leaders and the oppressive nature of its government in general taint the political interaction between the citizen and state. Corruption exists “as a system of informal norms based on particularistic principles enforced by state employees” and the issue of inequality, especially between state employees and citizens, represents the main problem in regards to the interaction between citizens and the state. In this system, citizens use bribes as a social equalizer (Rimskii). Corruption is prevalent within the Russian government, in such forms as bribery and elite recruitment. According to one survey given in 2010 to members of social groups prone to bribery,…show more content…
The style of government and restrictive political culture in Russia creates many weaknesses and hinder citizens’ ability to interact with the state. The Russian multiparty system has only existed for two decades. Before that the Soviet Union maintained a single party system with the Communist Party controlling all aspects of citizens’ lives. Despite currently having 78 political parties registered by Russia’s Ministry of Justice, the state Duma and the Federation Council (Russia’s bicameral legislature) only contain four political parties: A Just Russia, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, and United Russia--the party of President Putin and Premier Medvedev (“Government”). The Communist Party’s continued dominance within Russia politics illuminates one of the issues within Russia’s party system: it has not yet shed its soviet roots (Sakwa). Election fraud further undermines citizens ability to make political decisions within their own country. According “to an investigation by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, ‘the process deteriorated during the vote count, which was assessed negatively in almost one-third of polling stations observed due to procedural irregularities’ (source ?). Furthermore, many have made accusations of illegitimate voting practices such as “carousel voting” in which the government buses people around to multiple polling stations, so they can vote multiple times. Also, despite international scrutiny, Russia went to very little trouble to hide their blatant fraudulent actions (Clark). The inability of citizens to effectively elect their representatives undermines their chance to have a say in their own government and further discredits their interactions. **Restrictions in interest

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