Essay On Society Without Corruption

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If two or more persons meet together and start talking about the present society in India, they soon come to a conclusion that every institution in India is infected with corruption. Corruption has become that prevalent in today’s society. What does the word corruption mean? It can be defined differently by different people. Corruption can simply be defined as misuse of public power for private gain, to fulfill their selfish motives. Legally Corruption is defined as "use of public power for private advantage in ways which stumbles some formal rules". However, over the centuries, corruption has changed so much so as to not match a particular definition of corruption. But is Corruption confined only to public sectors? In present times corruption has spread over the entire society and is not limited to any particular form or any particular sector. These forms include accepting gifts for works done,…show more content…
As we have already discussed corruption is not constrained to any particular sector, corruption has many dimensions related to economic, political, social, administration effects. Corruption has been a factor for weakening nations, hindering development, raised poverty, etc. Corruption generates economic distortions because the public money is diverted to capital projects where corruption is more. Otherwise this can be allotted for the welfare programs which help in developing a nation. High corruption also results in poor quality of resources which reduces the productivity. Thus corruption will have its negative effect on both quantity and quality of public investment. So, corruption reduces the efficiency of public money by allocating the budget to unneeded projects. Also it reduces the revenues because corruption can lead to tax evasions or lower tax collections. The more the corruption, the slower is the economic

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