Corruption In Socrates's Apology

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In Apology Socrates finds himself in court defending himself for the crime of corrupting the youth of Athens. Socrates has many points that he brings up during the hearing in order to prove himself innocent of the claims. In order to prove himself he decides to have a conversation with the lead accuser Meletus. Socrates first tried to understand what the charges mean in reference to himself by asking who betters the children. “How do you mean, Meletus? Are these able to educate the young and improve them? – Certainly” (24e-25a). after this question Meletus answers with everyone in Athens benefits the children except Socrates. Socrates then explains that it would be nice if only one person corrupted the youth, implying that if he did corrupt…show more content…
Socrates does not fear death few a few different reasons that he explains to the court. Socrates has given himself two options for what happens after death, and he uses the process of elimination in order to reconcile his impending doom. Socrates sees Death as either A- there is nothing after death and dying just ends the person’s perspective. “if it is a complete lack of perception, like a dreamless sleep,” (40d-e) or B-that there is an afterlife and going to the afterlife (Hades) one could meet all the people that came before them in history. “what would one of you give to keep company with Orpheus and Musaeus, Hesiod and Homer?” (41a-b). Socrates has envisioned a pretty good perception of death either option A Which Is not such a bed thing or option B where he gets to meet all the important historical figures that came before him. If this can be adapted to any circumstance were death is the worst case scenario, then what would hold someone back from achieving anything they wanted to. Socrates was able to stand up in front of a court that had the power to sentence him to death, but instead of apologizing and begging for his life, he stood up for what he thought was right. Even to the very end Socrates was only interested in learning
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