The Great Gatsby Corruption Essay

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Fitzgerald uses Gatsby to display corruption through his procurement of riches. He tells his neighbor, Nick Carraway, that he indulges in the ‘drug business’. During Prohibition, persons involved in this business implied that the individual was a bootlegger. Bootlegging was a profoundly beneficial business and bootleggers were generally associated with criminals who practiced cruel deeds. Gatsby often felt that he must be apart of a society based on wealth and power not confidence. Thus, involving in criminal activities. He becomes used to this kind of lifestyle and does not find anything amiss about these activities because they form a part of his fantasy. From youth, Gatsby ruins himself because he is upset with his social position – wishing…show more content…
He uses money to upgrade himself to be in Daisy’s social class. He buys a mansion, fancy car, hosts parties not only to attract her but to make himself happy. The mansion, the car and other assets are aimed at making him happy and earning respect from others. He does favours: invites Nick to Coney Island, cut his lawn when he had a secret invitation to meet Daisy at Nick’s house among others. From this, we see that Gatsby has no regards for money and will go through all means to achieve his happiness or love for Daisy. The parties are to lure Daisy there and with Daisy he can earn his happiness. His wealth impresses Daisy and is overjoyed by his accumulation of wealth as well as material things. This was seen especially when Gatsby shows her his silk clothing. He believes that setting up the ‘perfect’ life will assist her in realizing her affection for him is existent. In any case, believing that money could bring back love was absurd. Somehow, Gatsby uses money as a ‘god’ that will miraculously create a life for him and Daisy. Fitzgerald offers a basic observation of wealthy Americans yet demonstrates the depiction of these Americans and materialism and absence of ethical quality. As it relates to the American Dream, it was a thought which provided trust that an individual ought to seek after being glad, affluent and cherished which cause persons to go in search for
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