Corruption In The Great Gatsby Research Paper

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Corruption of the American Dream The Corruption of the American Dream and Society was first sighted during the roaring 20’s. Looking back in history, the 1920’s is a time when people began to not care about what their dreams were anymore, dreams such as freedom and rights; instead, they began to care a great deal about their social status and what they looked like to other in other people 's eyes. In the manner of how they dressed or something like how big of a house a person has at the time. The Great Gatsby is set in the heart of the 1920’s, also known as the “roaring twenties”, where F. Scott Fitzgerald ties these thoughts into the story using characters. The reader starts to see many different signs of corruption of the American Dream,…show more content…
When Gatsby was a young boy he was was dirt poor living on a farm in Nebraska; he once had a dream of becoming a very wealthy man. As he grew older and finally met Daisy, which was before the Jazz Age when there was much less focus on social status, within 5 years he had wanted Daisy but she had gotten caught up in the drift of wealth and this caused her to fall short of loving Gatsby, so she ended up getting married to Tom because he had money. When Gatsby figures out that Daisy didn’t wait for him, his dream completely changed to only focus on getting her no matter the cost. He started using materialistic objects on the way to drag her in because she was a gold digger which is what she wanted to be, and she also wants her daughter to be this way in the future as well, the reader knows this because she said, “I 'm glad it 's a girl. And I hope she 'll be a fool that 's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” (Fitzgerald 21) The readers can see that she is empty inside the heart because she doesn 't really care about love, she only truly cares about money and herself. That’s why Daisy ultimately chose Tom Over Gatsby, because she didn 't want the love that Gatsby wanted, she just wanted the money which was the same thing that Tom wanted. So in the end nobody cared about love back then in the roaring 20’s, they only cared about appearances and wealth. That 's why this period of time in America corrupted the American Dream by the intense focus on gaining wealth and power and the loss of
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