Anti Corruption In Health Care

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Corruption presents many challenges to the health sector. The impact of corruption on health care access and outcomes, as well as anti-corruption measures receive increasing interest among health policy-makers, since corruption in the health sector is a wide-spread problem with negatively affecting health status and social welfare. (46)
2.5.1 Literature Review
In broader literature, the concept of corruption resp. mechanisms for controlling and enforcing corruption are often associated with governance and financing (7,46,47). Kaufmann (48) argues that in the progress towards UHC, governance resp. control of corruption is a valuable concept since both are essential for better development and economic growth. Policy reforms and implementations
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In case of Transparency International (TI), the creation of an index provides a visualization of the otherwise vague issue of corruption as a public policy issue (7,49).
The aforementioned concept of rules-based measures is illustrated by Savedoff (7) as the existence of anti-corruption legislation while outcome-based measures pose the question if the law against corruption is enforced (7,40). Additionally, among the six dimensions of the WGI project, which collects rules-based measures and outcomes-based measured from numerous sources, the dimension of ‘control of corruption’ has its own standing (39).
Last but not least, the proposed list of governance performance indicators in the health sector by Lewis and Petterson (47) includes the perception of corruption and institutional quality, more specifically the measurement of the fraction of households or health care professionals (e.g. public officials, experts) perceiving corruption in the health sector in correlation with the of respective position of the particular health sector on the corruption index
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The topic is only more frequently mentioned in the past decade, specifically in the fields of health financing, health care provision and administration. The low attention to the presence of corruption in health care could be a reflection of the lack of interest given to this topic by the medical community, and the European Commission (EUC) reasons (54) that the inclusion of the medical community is essential in this fight.

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