Corruption In The Maltese Falcon

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Although the two novels are set in different times in the twentieth century, they both depict a society where criminal activity seems to be embedded in most of their environment. For instance, in Bitter Medicine Parestky creates a complicated crime scene where various parts of society and issues are connected, some of these include the gangster criminality with Sergio, racism in the treatment of Consuelo and perhaps even Malcolm's death, and the question of abortion. In The Maltese Falcon has less various social issues, yet it does highlight the vast criminal scene existing in his city. Consequently this has implications when solving a crime as one case solved does not automatically mean a restoration in society. As Lee Horsley says: “A little…show more content…
To have this argument in mind, the question of the corruption of the legal institutions can be related back to the novels. V.I.'s choice to leave her job as a public defender to become a detective was done as she believed that as Lawyer she did not change things for the better.6 This change of career can signify two things, on the one hand she can believe that the world cannot be changed as she states that “I don't have such grand ideals as a detective. Not only do I not think I can save the world; I suspect most people are past redemption.”7 On the other hand, she can realise that crimes and problems can not only be solved by legal means. Although she might not see herself as a hero and just someone who cleans up “little trash piles here and there,”8 the fact that she remains a detective who's purpose is to detect and solve crime means that she must see some benefit in being a detective rather than a lawyer. Whether it is belief that in the way she can better the world, or if she as a character prefers her freedom away from the restrictions of the law is not made very clear. Yet, the possible motive is there, especially as she herself knows the possible corruption that takes place within the legal institution. For instance, criminals can get away with things due to their right of having a lawyer. This is why Sergio's
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