Corruption In The Music Industry Essay

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The music industry is an entertainment business and with almost any entertainment business there is some sort of corruption either known to the public or at times hidden. The music world is currently going through a transitional period of it’s payment model and how the artist and producer of a song gets paid. Producers are not being paid or credited by record labels and artists because of the position there being put in in the industry; they need to come together and find methods to license/contract there work and also raise awareness. The new model that the music industry is transitioning to is the streaming model. Artists and producers used to make most of their income from physical copy sales. Now most of the income usually comes…show more content…
Record labels avoid speaking about it and also artists to not raise attention to the problem. Thankfully this topic is starting to be brought up in conversations around the music world. More and more fans on the daily seem to be becoming outraged at this situation. As more and more producers start to speak up about their personal experiences , the more people it's getting too. ‘‘I've seen it happen often over the last few years. Anything to save a buck for these labels," (Lamaree , Carl). The quote is an example from an article about a producer informing the readers about his experiences and what he’s witnessed. One solution that’s currently being worked on by mainstream producers is to initiate a union of sort. A union for only producers to raise awareness and also to gain respect among fellow peers in the music industry. “Comments like Budden’s are exactly why hitmaker producer Sonny Digital recently suggested a producer’s union, so that producers can leverage more respect from an industry full of artists like Budden and Birdman who find no issue with screwing over producers, and rappers like French Montana, who forgot the names of the producers who crafted his seven times platinum “Unforgettable.” ” (Gee , Andre). Joe Budden , Birdman , and French Montana are some examples of artists that have
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