Corruption In The New York Police Department

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Weather you would like to admit or not, corruption is alive and well in daily life.. The exact definition of corruption is, “a broad term covering a wide range of misuse of entrusted funds and power for private gain: Theft, fraud, nepotism, abuse of power etc. A corrupt act is often - but not necessarily – illegal” (What is corruption). In addition, the majority of the time corruption has something to do with large amounts of money. Throughout history, humans have corrupted everything from entire governments to the minds of children. Therefore, Corruption is a root global economic issue represented through things like sport, police, and healthcare. The FIFA organization is world renowned for the entertainment it broadcasts during the “World…show more content…
The police forces around the world face their own type of corruption. The New York Police Department in particular has recently shed light on a man who was selling illegal gun permits through bribes of the NYPD. A man by the name, Shaya Lichtenstein, boasts that he had secured over 150 permits through the use of his police connections (Shomrim). Subsequently, the NYPD has conducted many internal investigations on the grounds of corruption. Some of the most notable cases in New York have been involved with drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc. because they always cause the biggest public stir in the media (Cops). Furthermore, the corruption of not only the NYPD, but the global police force is still prevalent and actions must be taken against it. Perhaps a chapter/division could be created which strictly conducts research and investigations towards the internal corruption of the police force. In addition, all countries should strive towards a solution towards the decrease in police corruption and will maybe think to implement such chapter/division to do…show more content…
Corruption takes away fundamental aspects of life be it freedom [Sports], money [Healthcare], or trust/reputation [Police]. In contrast, one might argue that certain forms of corruptions are needed to sustain everyday life. This is the complete truth; however, there are model governments/organizations/etc. that have successfully developed and progressed without the need for corruption. Under those circumstances, it means life can carry forward on all parts of the globe without the use of corruption. No matter the result, corruption should always be avoided. I believe that the governments of the world should enforce stricter policing of corruption and begin more in depth investigations to try to eliminate fraudulent activity. A rule of thumb to live by is, ‘Do the ends justify the means?’ Or in other words, ‘are the end results of an action really worth what an individual went through to achieve

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