Corruption In The Short Story 'Harrison Bergeron'

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Imagine, you’re living in a perfect world and everything about life is great. That is until the government takes over and schemes together a plan to make everyone equal by adding handicaps to over excelled people. By making everyone equal, the whole entire world is in sake for a dangerous situation caused by the effects from the handicap. This is what the short story “Harrison Bergeron” is based about. Some dangerous possible situations that can happen from this includes: handicap effects on the human body, total charge from the government, no entertainment and a massive breakout. From the text, I am able to conduct a claim that total equality is a mistaken goal that can have serious damage to the world if it ever happened. In the story…show more content…
But a big reason that doesn’t get thought about a lot is there would be little to no entertainment at all. There would be no standout athlete or gorgeous girls. There would be nothing to work for because everyone would be equal. The more you start to excel, the more handicaps you would get. This would cause no “star” people and would be a very gloomy place. In the story, Harrison succeeded very fast which caused him to get into trouble for being too powerful and good looking. “Harrison carried three hundred pounds “and “to offset his good looks, the H-G men required that he wears at all times a red rubber ball for a nose” (Vonnegut 1390). This is what the government does to advanced humans. Imagine living in a world like that. Where pretty much nothing is enjoyable. This ruins everything including any type of sport also. With just about everyone having the same handicaps in, playing anything would be impossible. In the text, it says “Two of the eight ballerinas had collapsed to the studio floor and were holding their temples” (Vonnegut 1388). If ballerinas can’t even do their job, how will everyone else in the world do? It would be nearly impossible to do everyday things from the effects of
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