Corruption In William Golding's 'Lord Of The Flies'

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Spreading of Corruption By Michael Tea

Humanity is made out of two kinds of people, troublemakers and peacemakers. Troublemakers tend to get in the way of other people and disrupt the peace inside a community while peacemakers are people who try to help people in need and try to maintain the peace inside a community. In William Golding’s novel, “Lord of the Flies”, Jack continuously shows off his troublemaker side. He is always the root of the problems on the island since he is always the one who disrupts the peace and gets in the ways of the other boys on the island as he turns into a symbol for savagery. Jack gets in the ways of the other boys by getting in the way of the jobs that they have to do to fulfill his own desires. He also goes
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He keeps on trying to be the king of the island. Him going for power keeps on creating a troubling rift between the boys that continuously grows. When Jack tries to overthrow Ralph as leader, he tries to get more people to join his side. When Jack was trying to get more people over to his tribe, he had stated, “‘Who thinks Ralph oughtn’t be chief’ He looked expectantly at the boys ranged round, who had frozen. Under the palms there wasn’t deadly silence. ‘Hands up!’ said Jack strongly, ’who wants Ralph not to be chief?’”(139) This created a rift between the boys because after this, Jack goes away from this tribe and eventually creates his own. This creates a rift by having two sides, Jack’s tribe and Ralph’s tribe. He also tries to get people in his way out of his way by any means possible. When Ralph had went to Jack’s tribe, he had a conversation with Samneric. Samneric stated ‘“-you got to go for your own good!’ ‘The chief and Roger-’ ‘Yes Roger-’ ‘They hate you, Ralph. They’re going to do you.’ ‘They’re going to hunt you tomorrow.’ (209) With this description that Samneric have told us, it is clear that Jack is trying to get rid of Ralph. What Jack sees is that Ralph is the only thing in his way from getting full power within the island so he decides that he needs to get rid of him. Jack also sets an example of Piggy’s death to show that he is the king of the island and that anyone that goes against them…show more content…
He always interfered with the other boy’s actions and decisions which has showed off his symbol for savagery. While the boys were doing their jobs assigned by the leader of the island, he would constantly interfere with them creating trouble with the order of the island. Him going against the rules and the jobs of the other boys had made him similar to a rebel. He is always looking how to gain more power and ways he can achieve the title of leader creating 2 sides of the island which troubles everyone on the island. When he is leader, he shows his inner king and disposes of anyone he finds that is not important. As he progresses living on the island, his blood lust becomes way out of hand which makes the other boys grow to have the same blood lust and becomes so huge that it becomes a problem since they start to go way too far with it. His actions become questionable later on in the novel as it can be compared to a barbarian or a beast other than a british boy. What William Golding is trying to tell us with the character Jack is that in society, there are always going to be people going against the rules and destroying society, making it
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