Essay On Corruption In Indonesia

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Indonesia is the finest and as they call themselves the nation of freedom but if you really have freedom you’re still stuck with the power of the government and you would not want to know what they are hiding. The government for a country like Indonesia is not even close to stable, and Indonesian is a country where you will face lots of corruption. It is not a big surprise among the people but then when corruption and power are used to abuse I do not like it because it makes problems everywhere. For example, the May 1998 riots infamous for the destruction it has left because of Suharto, Indonesia’s longest running president did not manage his country well. If a country cannot manage properly because of an unstable government anything will run well. The problem is not what’s in the outside but what’s in the inside is the one that people want to know, in a harsh world like this that takes a leader to change everything but if the leader is not faithful then it will cause problems. Just like the Indonesian government, everyone is a problem of corruption and that is how Suharto one of the president always stays in power, and what happens at the end is that at the end of his presidency he causes a massive problem in Indonesia. Corruption usually among Indonesians is the act to bribe to someone usually the higher ranking to do what…show more content…
The main problem of corruption in Indonesia is just how easy it takes someone to become bribed even the president for everyone think for their own self and especially Indonesians they forget to think ahead and they only think of the benefit right now. In Indonesia, everyone likes to lie and especially if you have money you can win anybody. The problem is if corruption can reach the higher ups the power that can be used for their own good making it hard for people to live if everybody

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