The Forest Of Arden Character Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…The setting and lighting for a play effects the overall mood, a bright, comical setting brings forth feelings of happiness while darkness and shadows causes thoughts of danger. The Forest of Arden brings happiness and knowledge to man while the courts spurs corruption and traitorous behavior, illustrated by Duke Senior who says, “are not these woods more free from peril than the envious courts” (II.i.3-4). In the 17th century play, As You Like It by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare warns of how greed and power fuel man’s corrupt desires which leads to a loss of…show more content…
The forest plays a major role in the lives of Orlando, Duke Senior, Ganymede, Aliena, Touchstone and many other characters in the play. The forest’s possesses the natural happiness of man. To illustrate the happiness, the forest possesses little presence of man while the peacefulness nature provides shows a simple yet lively seen. Man’s corruption comes through man’s power and wealth, the forest possesses natural laws which dictate man’s survival. The absence of money allows man to live a happy lifestyle. Shakespeare emphasizes the life style using Touchstone who says “you have no money” so one must live in “the Forest of Arden” (II.iv.12-13). The setting like Shakespeare employs a lack of wealth and power in the forest, because wealth breeds corruption, like in the courts. In the Forest all men possess the same, nature provides for all men equally, so corruption can’t take over a man. Similarly, Shakespeare emphasizes nature’s laws when he writes, “seeking the food he eats and pleased with what he gets…here he shall see no enemy but winter and rough weather” (II.v.36-43). The only aspect in nature which can hurt man comes from nature itself, in the weather, such as cold winds and stormy weather. Man in the forest looks out for himself and cannot blame others for his or hers failures or faults. The ever extending forest in the setting of the play creates a lack of mankind, mankind does not control the forest unlike in the court where devious actions and corruption spurs from the unfairness mankind possesses. Since nature allows man to take care of himself, one has no reason for corruption and betrayal of his brethren. Also, the large, infinite forest emphasizes the room to man to live without bother from the evils of
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