Corsica France Research Paper

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Corsica France was the place I got I thought it was amazing place to go. It was the 4th biggest island in the Meridian home to 322,120 people as of Jan. 1,13. The expectancy age rate is up to 84 years of age and up. I think that is a great age to live up to. In Corsica there is so much to see and do, I mean its in island in France whats not to see,do,and like? I am Mexican on my mothers side and I 'm Italian on my dad 's side which I personally think is part of France but its not. But the cultures are fairly the same not exactly but they do share a few and Mexican Culture is way different. One example includes Corsica’s singing tradition. Although the ancient lullabies, harvest and love songs, respectively called “Nanne”, “Tribierre” and “Serinati”, have all but died out, the “Paghjella” has enjoyed an unexpected comeback since the first stirrings of the “Riacquistu” in the 1970 's: this multi-voice male singing tradition has been rediscovered by singers and music groups and now also enjoys considerable popularity beyond the shores of Corsica.…show more content…
The polyphonic Paghjella combines three vocal registers: the middle register begins the song and carries the mains melody, the lower, second register that follows provides the accompaniment and the third and highest register sings the coloratura. As for mexico its a whole new story Mexican music is loud and is powerful it normally would have a story about it some of the Mexican music types are Mariachi, Banda,Norteño, Ranchera and Corridos. The songs are normally played with drums,flutes,rattles,conches,and trumpets. Therefor I think I would love to visit Corsica it sounds like a fantastic place to live. I would love to visit other places in France too. But Corsica and Paris are at the top of my
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