The Importance Of The Medici Family

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Medici was the first princely dynasty to win through commerce but not by warfare, marriage or inheritance.
The Most powerful family in Italian Renaissance period came to power through business dealings banking. – Bank of the Vatican and papacy
- Spent tremendous amount of money supporting the arts and the cultural development of the city.
In 1397, Giovanni de Medici, the banker to the papal court, established the headquarters in Florence.
As a wealthy and influential citizen, Giovanni had a virtually no choice but to participate in public life, holding almost every political office in Florence at same time.


Birth of Dynasty
The Medici dynasty started around 12th century when family members immigrated to Florence. Through
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He was the founder of Medici family and his family the richest in Italy.
His wife is Piccarda Bueri.
He was also known as modest, shrewd and cautions. His cousins gave him a job and started the De Medici family.
Died on February 20th,1429.

Importance of the Medici family
Controlled the destiny of the Italian city of Florence from the fifteenth century to the early 1700s
Financially supported artwork
Funded many of the buildings , statues and the made Florence a center of art during the renaissance.
The Medici collected books, founded libraries and supported the studies of humanist scholars and philosophers.
Grates contribution was commissioning works by many big artist figures of the renaissance.
The Medici helped shape the art and cultural life of an era.
It was very important for the depictions to be realistic as possible.
Most often they portray religious subjects or prominent citizen.

Renaissance era
Renaissance means rebirth in French. This was a time period following the middle ages that lasted from the 1300-1500s.
There was a renewed interest in learning about achievements of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
Believed in humanism
Used critical method of
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