Cosmetic Animal Testing

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Medical and cosmetic animal testing has been a very controversial topic for a long time. Many people seem mortified at pictures of disfigured bunnies, cats, and monkeys that are disfigured due to animal testing, but are fine with buying milk at the store that came from a cow that was given hormones, causing its udders to be painfully swollen. People are fine with chickens being kept in a wire cage their entire lives, causing painful lacerations to their feet, before being brutally slaughtered. For some reason however, people get upset about the same kind of treatment to animals even when this "abuse" is leading to the fast advancement of medical treatments. Animal testing has contributed to many life saving cures and treatments. Animals must be used when ethical considerations prevent the use of a human subject. Even animals themselves have benefited from animal testing. If vaccines were not tested on animals, then millions of animals would die from rabies, feline leukemia, tetanus, canine parvo virus, and infectious hepatitis virus. While animal testing can of…show more content…
It has kept up the the fast pace of the medical world. It has prevented injuries. It has saved millions of lives. Pain is a part of it, unfortunately. Because of the culture we live in, medical and cosmetic animal testing is often deemed necessary, no matter how cruel is seems. Until people are ready to eliminate all forms of animal cruelty-- this includes animals that you would eat. Cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and goats. All of these animals are routinely subject to worse fates then those of research animals. Crammed in cages, given hormones to make certain body parts abnormally and painfully large, all before being slaughtered. This is a part of our culture and our society. We cannot fight for one type of animal justice and turn a blind eye to the other, especially when one of them saves
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